Trust Yourself

Self Sabotage

My biggest problem has always been trusting myself. I look back at ideas I passed off as “not good guidesenough,” later finding the same idea being done by someone else, and it was cool! Even after all this 50/50 hindsight, I continue to self sabotage this way. It’s a rarity for any truly unique idea to be created, but that doesn’t mean there’s no value in doing it. How many fitness clubs are out there? Salons? Toy stores? There are thousands of examples.

Different people respond to different voices, and who knows which perspective will be the one to positively impact someone. Being the greatest, or best, or smartest, or any other similar adjective isn’t necessary, because all that matters is to have more knowledgeable than the person searching. There will always be someone who knows a little more, or has slightly more experience, or had slightly better results. None of these things mean anyone’s experience isn’t valid. That nagging, second guessing self-doubt that suggests the opposite of this, has single-handedly stagnated my personal success. No more!

Belief in Realism


Belief in realism is a con that, until recently, I’ve always ascribed to. Not a surprise that I’ve been a self-sabotaging under-achiever until now.

Belief in realism creates an environment that allows negativity to sabotage our inner dreams. Dreams will never become goals, and those goals will never become reality, if there’s a constant voice in the back of our heads explaining how a thing can’t be. That voice is irrelevant, and should be forever muted!

Believing in a thing creates the power to forge an environment of possibility. Impossible is simply fear dictating an outcome before it’s begun. Why not actually give it a shot before deciding what can’t be done? Why not decide it CAN be done, then go for it? Realism sabotages our belief in ourselves, and wipes the ability to trust ourselves.

So, I’ve released  realism from my mind. Where has it gotten me? Where has it gotten anyone whose convinced of it? As far as I can tell, no where I’d like to be.

New Path

It’s hard to take a new path. Especially when the reason that path hadn’t been taken before is because of the obstacles littered throughout it. Obstacles I’d pointedly avoided. That’s a hard reality to face when I really just want to play video games, and take a nap.

A simple switch in perspective creates a call to action from this same statement. If playing video games, and taking naps, is really all I want to do, I need a life that will sustain it. So, my aspiration of laziness is put on hold while I construct the means to be lazy forever.

Ironically, the decision to fund my laziness forced me to discover all kinds of things I’d rather do than play games in between nap time. These new activities further increased my wish for success; further increasing the momentum my life was creating. Happiness had taken on a greater connotation. The steps needed to make my goal achievable were so simply executed, I felt like an idiot for not really buckling down to attempt the change before.

Take the Plunge

The biggest thing I learned through this transition, was to take the plunge! No one WANTS to work more, or harder, or take time away from their packed television schedule (or intense level grinding), but it needs doing to create the potential for the future that’s dreamt about. Once the decision to take that first step is made – really made, not a half-assed, pretend decision to see what might fall in your lap – the changes created in everything are incredible. Maybe it’ll take years to really subscribe to this idea. It took me 15, than another 2 to stop being afraid of the effort. Don’t follow my elongated path; do what needs doing to create your perfect world.


  • What decision have you been stalling to make that could potential make your life greater?
  • How did you overcome your fear of taking the plunge?

Your thoughts motivate others (especially me)! Please, share your experiences in the comments. 


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