Blog Fail Becomes My First Video (ish) Post

I just spent the past 3 hours writing a blog post about nutrition deficits of food, leading to the opinion that it really is necessary to supplement with vitamins and minerals. As I was re-reading it, I thought- who would want to read this terribly long, boring, post? So, this is it instead:

What does this have to do with FASHIONIZE? Well, learning Fashionize is about making us the best we can be, and without a 100% optimally running body, how can we possibly be the best?! There are tons of doctor’s who can talk about these points for me, so here’s my favorite one from Dr. Wallach (I’ll have the video soon, but for now there’s audio):

Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie

“You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose!” I wish everything in life was so easy! Want to learn more? Click “Fashionize Now” to the right to get email updates when I post more. I’ll be posting more on this over the coming weeks!

Don’t want to wait?

Start your Healthy Body Challenge now! 

 Want to read the grossly over-written original post? Here it is….

One Word

I came across this concept of ONE WORD at a business meeting, and instantly decided to incorporate the idea into my life. One OWNewCoverWord That Will Change Your Life is a book written by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page, explaining the technique of finding the individual word that should be the focus of your life for the current year. Each persons word is different, and only they can come up with the word on their own, using a very simple process. This simple concept creates laser focus in ones life, as everything that is done; any decision that needs to be made, is thought of in terms of this one word. Have New’s Year’s resolutions that seem to slip away by February? No worries. This concept of One Word will supersede you ever needing to create a resolution again!


My ONE WORD for the rest of the year is:


I thought this fitting, as I had just read Insanely Simple: The Obsession that Drives Apple’s Success, so it was in my head already. From reading that book, I knew how difficult it was going to be to create simplicity in my life. It’s been about a month, and I’m not sure I’ve had much success with it, though the efforts continue…

Back to Basics

Besides reading Insanely Simple, I had been on a couple month stint of minimalism in my workouts. I am a huge fan of routines such as P90X, and anything Chalean Johnson puts out, but I was also a fan of Tim Ferriss’ concepts from The Four-Hour Body. Convinced I was mostly addicted to work, I set out to streamline my process. If I could achieve the same results from 60 minutes a week instead of 8 hours a week, well, -no brainer. Simplify reinforced this idea.

Basics of Food

This is what I really want to focus on in this post. Maybe a little round-about-way to get here, but I thought the context might help the interest level. This is a pretty dry subject. Fashionize is all about pulling the greatest of ourselves into the real world, instead of hiding away. What we put inside our bodies has a huge deal with what actions come out of us. When I’m eating a lot of processed foods, I feel sluggish and blah. There’s so much research on how kids with behavioral issues seem to turn right around when put on high organic, low gluten, low processed diets. Maybe we’ll talk about that another time. What I want to do here is break the food thing down a bit.

Why do we need to eat?

youarewhatyoueatI love food. It is the single most expensive habit I have. I love going out to eat. I love trying new foods. I love dessert, and drinks, and just hanging out snacking on finger foods. Most of this has nothing to do with why my body needs food, and when I’m in these modes of not paying attention to what I’m putting in my body, I’m definitely worse off for it. If only we had those food stations that check your blood, then give you what your body needs…

Our bodies don’t actually need FOOD, they need the stuff that’s in the food; namely the micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and macro-nutrients which are carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Now, I’m not saying to stop eating food for 100% supplementation (an idea I have contemplated), I’m simple trying to re-align our thought patterns about food with facts, and not with the random fad of the week. It’ll make you crazy, right? Dairy is good, dairy is bad. Eat eggs, don’t eat eggs. Take vitamins, don’t take vitamins. AHHH!

There are foods that seem to be always good for us. Usually, the ones we don’t want to eat: kale, broccoli, spinach, fruits that are super expensive (I can’t even find African Mangos around me), etc. I’ve had people tell me straight up they just wouldn’t eat the things I explained might help them feel better. I even try to tell people to keep eating the crap, just add these things in and see how they feel; still, no. *sigh*

Why are these foods so good for us? We’ve heard the term Superfoods, and maybe we even pseudo-understand what that means. Let’s just say that some foods have more vitamins and minerals than others. The ones that have more are obviously better. That’s great. Who cares?

Well, our bodies break everything we eat into tinier parts, for three main functions;

  1. to provide energy
  2. to build tissue
  3. to regulate metabolic processes

So, literally, everything your body does requires these nutrients. On top of that, vitamins don’t work without minerals, and nothing works without water.

Our Food Isn’t as Good For Us As We Think

There are 90 essential nutrients: 60 minerals, 16 vitamins,  12 amino acids, 3 amino acids. Our bodies can not manufacturer these i.e. we must take them in. If they’re missing, disease occurs (there are 900 deficiency diseases preventable, and curable, through Nutrition).

Overly simplified, when plants grow, they pull vitamins and minerals from the soil into themselves, which in turn are eaten by animals, infusing their bodies with said nutrients. Then, those animals are eaten by other animals, infusing that same nutrition into them. We eat plants and animals, and gain our nutrition from them.

The problem is, our soil is severely undernourished, hence our food is undernourishing. Back in the day,

[t]he nutrients in our foods [came] from rich, healthy soil. Hundreds of years ago, farming used very specific processes to make sure we didn’t abuse our land and destroy the nutrients by rotating crops so that each year land had the change to rejuvenate. Now with industrial farming practices, we plant the same food over and over again in the same soil. We are depleting the natural nutrients!

While organic farming is better, it doesn’t guarantee land conservation unless the farmer takes the initiative. (from Chocolistic)

Ever wondered why your flour is fortified with iron and B vitamins, or your milk with vitamin D? How about the iodine in salt, or the different additions to juices, rice, and cereals?

Since the 1920’s it’s been known that our food hasn’t contained sufficient nutrition, and the more we process, the less there is.

Over the last century, scientists and farmers have started “breeding plants” in order to make them taste better. For example, the banana was first a seedy, starchy, potato-like food that needed to be cooked and de-seeded before it was edible. After years of cross-pollinating the sweeter bananas with the less-seedy bananas, we created a new type of banana: Which don’t have any seeds! We’ve cross-bred the banana to be totally different than what it was. And in this process, we’ve removed many of the nutrients. This is true for green leafy vegetables too – which were originally extremely bitter. Since humans don’t love bitter flavors, we cross-bred the bitter away. The only problem? More bitter = more nutrient medicine. We bred the plant to be less nutritious.  (from Chocolistic)

Let’s help ourselves

I am the first one to throw in the love for super yummy food, but I always concede that these foods might not be giving my body everything it needs to work optimally, especially an optimum that will keep me in full life-living status for more than 60 years. I don’t know about you, but I want to live a functioning life until way past 100!

5-angry-woman-yelling-lgn copy

Current medical practices treat only the extremes, ignoring all of us who function sufficiently in the middle, but who might need a little tweeking here and there to create perfectly harmonious systems. Why can’t I have a perfectly harmonious system!!  Besides the huge mouthful this is to yell out to the world, it just means we have to take a bit of personal responsibility.

Expense is Simple

The cost of health care seems to continue to rise, and the the level of coverage seems to be going down. Even if this weren’t the case, wouldn’t it be easier to simple intake some vitamins and minerals instead of going to the doctors? Most people I talk to about the idea of adding a vitamin supplement to their regiment, balk at the price. I understand costs have to fit into budgets, but it’s almost a no risk situation. Almost any supplement you buy is refundable through the store you purchased it, or the manufacturer. I spend about $120 a month on supplements, but I haven’t had health insurance in a few years. I haven’t been to a regular doctor in a decade or so, and I haven’t been sick enough to warrant having to (I did need stitches once, but no illness related trips). How many thousands of dollars is a night in the ER? Health Care Bluebook says it’s about $1800 a night, plus procedural expenses for a viral infection. That’s over a year of vitamins for me, which I take to avoid having to make these visits. Sure, there’s no guarantee this is how it will play out, but I’m willing to bet $120 a month that I won’t need to spend $1800+ dollars.

Take the Healthy Body Challenge!



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  1. Johne17

    I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own blog and was curious what all is required to get set up? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very web savvy so I’m not 100 positive. Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks kecdgcckegad


    1. Fit n Fashionize Post author

      There are so many FREE blog sites, like Go there and you can be blogging in minutes! That’s how I started. buying your web domain through them is very cheap, as well, if you don’t want your web address to say wordpress in it 🙂
      Hope that helped a bit! Good luck, and happy blogging! Let me know when you get started and I’ll be your first follower!



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