Information to Bridge the Gap

Maybe you’ve figured it out. At least a small part of it. That you’re not getting the results from your life you should be based on the How-To-Bridge-the-Gap-between-Friendship-and-Business-by-Dallas-Travers-e1348084324840efforts you’re putting in. You followed the plan, but you’re still behind, and you don’t see any way you’re going to get back on track.

Saying this is common isn’t helpful, but maybe it will ease your mind a little to know you’re not completely at fault, or alone. You did do everything you were told, only their plan isn’t set up for you to gain that lifestyle you were dreaming about. It’s not set up for you to find that peace of mind that would simply be achieved by hitting adulthood, when all the answers would be yours, when you’d only need to sit back, and pass that wisdom on to future generations.

bridge-297x300But, you have come this far. You’ve peaked through the haze that was blinding you to the idea that there’s something else out there, but now, what do you do? What’s the next step? How do you take this realization of better things, and manifest it into real life?

Well, you have to find out more. You have to figure out the things that speak to you, and the things that caused you’re disconnectedness. Gather information that can explain what’s happening in your head; that can explain the disgust you feel; that can bridge the gap in your life to the peace of mind you deserve.

Information is the key. Knowledge is truly power, and in this age of information overload, it’s both easy, and difficult to find the information we seek. Part of finding, is looking. Frustration that things aren’t simply downloaded right into your brain is unfair to both you and the world. Relax, look a little, read a little, watch a little. Find the things that speak to you, and follow where they take you.

Remember, you have to figure out the things that spark passion in you before you can find that thing that can fulfill your dreams. Many of us have forgotten, so busy with chasing the rabbit, we forgot to look around at the gloriousness surrounding the path the rabbit was leading us through. Maybe catching the rabbit was never really the point…


What’s your rabbit?
What might you have missed during the chase?

Need some information overload? Try these:



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