They Say I Love Ugly…

My sisters pick on me all the time… when they find something they think is “Ugly,” (we’re talking clothing here): “Ugh, look at this. [pause] Cindy will like it.” It doesn’t even phase me anymore, because from most view-points they’re absolutely right. Often, I have the same reaction…then I look again…

Typically, I’m a solid color wearer, mostly blacks and grays. So much so that one Christmas, my Dad and I went shopping, and he said, “…pick something other than black.” What can I say? I like black. It’s a safe color. It’s a slimming color. It’s a color right for every situation. My bathing suit is even mostly black…

Still, there are times when I try to stretch my look. There are times when I don’t want to wear the safe colors. There are times when I’m ready to morph into a me that’s even more fabulous than I’ve ever been!

This is when I step way out of my box… and it always works! That’s why the joke with my sister’s is now a joke- because, after the initial reaction of: “Who would wear this!” they think of me, remembering the past pieces I’ve pulled off simply because I chose to view them as unique!


Here is a great example… PAISLEY! not me….

...but it's a super fun jacket!

…but it’s a super fun jacket!

Statement Jewelry

Maybe you’re not ready to step into the limelight with an “ugly” piece of clothing. What about statement jewelry? Big, chunky WP_20140613_002necklaces, or bracelets; huge chandelier earrings, or even multiple bracelets stacked up an arm, are all great ways to spruce your mental self into that greater-than-yesterday you’re striving for!
I’ve watched so many woman be afraid to wear statement necklaces- now daily additions to my personal wardrobe- because they don’t think they’re appropriate for anything other than a presidential dinner. If this is even a rule- I say it’s a rule to break! I say the less fabulous the outfit, the more fabulous the jewelry to be worn with it!!

WP_20140612_011 Wear that chunky necklace with that T-shirt and jeans to excite a plainer look! WP_20140612_010

Pick a piece and wear it everyday, regardless of what style you’re clothing might be. It’s okay to be comfortable, and still shine! Putting on some jewelry is just as empowering as throwing on a little make-up, or blow drying your hair, and doesn’t take a quarter of the time! (It’s pretty clear from these pics that I don’t do much with my hair).

Who doesn’t love compliments? Isn’t it a great feeling to have someone say great [fill in the blank]? Jewelry is sure to double, if not quadruple, that!

These pieces I wear everyday. I received the bracelet for free, and was disappointed at first. I thought the beads kind of looked cheap, but when I put it on, it transformed! And the colors really work with everything!


Quick & Easy, One Step, Fashionizing

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to spruce yourself up- outwardly and inwardly- I always suggest grabbing a piece of jewelry (or 10). Easy way to add newness to an old wardrobe for way less money than a shopping spree. Heidi Klum says: Only have $100 towards a wardrobe update? Spend it on jewelry.

A new jacket with a little more personality than you might be used to is another way!

  • What’s your favorite way to spruce yourself up?
  • Have a favorite piece of clothing or accessory that everyone knows is yours?

How are you Fashionizing?

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