Is Never Too Late To Start, or re-start, or re-re-start again

Let’s face it. Most of us are on some kind of yo-yo trend in at least one aspect of our lives. I am a fitness lover who goes weeks (months) without fitness. I am a health-nut with a junk food addiction.

From a great post on “Falling off the wagon” that delves more deeply than I did, with some great monitoring tips

And it’s all okay! I’ve been about 2 years back into the most consistent workout trends I’ve had since college sports, and I still fall off, usually because of some major shift in daily schedule, which happens often in my world, as I rarely have a consistent schedule to begin with. Without truly making priorities, (actual priorities, not just random thoughts of what one thinks one maybe should do someday), it’s easy to let the “incidentals,” like eating right, working out, real conversations with those close to you, family/friend visits, etc., actually happen. Our daily grinds are grinding. We are TIRED and getting that motivation to add something to our day, especially those things that require actual effort, without instant gratification, is often seemingly impossible!

This is the yo-yo I know. These last two years have made me (almost) appreciate these wagon falls though. When I come back around, I’m more appreciative of the journey, I’m more appreciative of what it takes in myself to actually get it done. Multiple layers of feel-goodedness!!

Granted, the ultimate goal is to not fall off the wagon, or allow the whirlwind of others’ priorities play havoc with our own, but each time, it gets easier and easier, and we solidify, in the part of our brain that will get us off our asses, what’s really important to us, so we make better effort to keep it sustained. The goal is relative; the journey is the goal.



  • How’s your schedule been this summer?
  • What get’s you back on the wagon after a fall?



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