Buddy Stick-to-it-iveness



I’ve just completed week 5 of BeachBody’s, Les Mills Combat, and I’m feeling really good. The most amazing thing is that my new roommate has been working out with me! She’s even stuck to my crazy eating habits, and is feeling great herself! This is why I love this industry! Impacting others so positively is awesome!

People who know me laugh when they hear my personal workouts follow home based, video series’. (My favorites are anything from Chalene Johnson). Can’t I design my own workouts? Of course I can, but I’m just as human as anyone else. I get tired, and have days I don’t feel like doing things, so these pre-programmed scheduled workouts are no-brainers. Especially with BeachBody’s online calendar, that allows my Capricorn traits a release by checking off the days I work out. Check-lists actually make me do things, just so I can truthfully check it.

ccb29a34c5e7972a4443174c35640190Home based works for me, because unless my driving route takes me directly in the path of a gym, 80% of the time, I’m convincing myself to skip it. It was perfect when I worked IN a gym: there was never an issue about getting there, and I was definitely in the best shape of my life! (I’m working on getting back to both of those places).

Workout Buddy

7f7aaef21244c456187c0beac6f3c894I forgot what having a workout buddy was like. In 25 workout days, we’ve only missed one. Even for me, this is unprecedented. Not only that, 98% of our workouts are before 9am. I do not get up before 11am – until now. If we didn’t fit the workout in in the morning, my buddy wouldn’t be able to do the workouts. So, I learned quickly to suck it up, and just do it.

Each morning, the initial getting up part is like a giant internal conversation between two different people. But, once I’m up, I feel great. (Before these morning workouts, I was a late afternoon/evening work-outer). My stick-to-it-ivenessnot only with the workouts, but with getting up before 11, is definitely due to my feelings of responsibility toward my buddy. If I didn’t get up, would she do the workout? There was one day I overslept, and when I finally dragged myself out of bed, she was doing it! What a proud day that was for me! (And embarrassing. I’m supposed to be the one NOT to be late for my workouts).

On days either of us might have said “let’s skip it today,” the other one is there to force us into it. Of course, once the workout starts, it seems stupid to have wanted to miss out!

I’ve definitely learned not to undermine the value of a workout partner!

  • How do you fare when working out by yourself?
  • Whose your best motivator?

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