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Awareness Month

71654309-2I was unaware that October, besides being the month of Halloween, is Domestic Violence AND Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Being a woman, both of these issues are easily relatable.

Typically, awareness, towards anything, can make me feel helpless and inadequate. Like so many, I want to help, but feel lost about how. Money donations are great, but can become daunting when there are so many great causes to choose from. This year, I have a way to solve this, but I need a little help.

For every hosted event with my lia sophia business, I will give to the breast cancer or domestic violence center of your choice. Or both if you want to split it up! 🙂  Not sure who should get the money? I like The Susan G. Koman Foundation or Vera House.

Have another project or charity you’re passionate about? We can donate to them instead, or as well! We can even raise money to help your daughter’s dance class, or son’s soccer team (or daughter’s soccer team, and son’s dance class). Whatever your passion, or need, lia sophia allows me to help by donating portions of sales towards your group.

How can you host a fundraising event?

There’s a few ways you can raise money, and treat yourself to some superly discounted jewelry! I donate 10% – 20% of party sales (the more you raise, the more you earn), and you earn 20% – 40% of show totals in free jewelry credit!!

  1. Hold a home show: If you’re in the Central New York area (Before Thanksgiving), or the Jacksonville, FL area (after December), I can come party with you! Invite your friends to come over and play in my jewelry. We can theme the party- Boos for Boobies, 80’s throwback, Bingo- whatever you’d like! I take care of invitations and entertainment. You just need to supply some snacks for your guests!
  2. 1382036_863847663633096_7410596752033784704_nHost a FaceBook Event: A live FaceBook event is a great way to get people from all over the country together, and still be able to see in a live setting. There are lots of ways for guests to earn chances to win prizes, and you still raise money for your charity, while earning free bling for yourself!
  3. An Online/Catalog Show: Pass around some catalogs, and collect orders. You can even get a group to collaborate. Those who gather the most orders can earn more prizes, such as: highest 3 collectors earn $150, $100, & $50 in lia sophia credit. (minimum qualifying totals will always be $250).

There’s so many ways we can work out raising money, no matter where you are!

What’s in it for you besides raising money for Breast Cancer and/or Domestic Violence?



Want complete control?

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