Too Sore to Workout?

Are you too sore to workout?

There’s definitely two sides to this question. Some say YES!, others, no, no, you’re body needs to rest!

I say: both of them are right.

What do you mean by SORE?

If you’re a little stiff, BRING IT! If every twist and turn is bringing you out of sleep, that’s different. If your legs give out on you, so you break the toilet seat with a loud bang, you have reason to think twice about that days workout.

Just, make sure you’re being honest with your assessment. If your legs are sore, even so sore that you swear you’re going to bust your face walking down the stairs, there’s no reason not to workout your upper body, and vice versa. Soreness doesn’t mean do nothing!

No, and Yes

At the start, I said you both should, and shouldn’t, workout if you’re sore. How can both of these answers be right? First of all, rest, in the fitness world doesn’t mean no movement, or couch potato mode. Stretching, and light to moderate activity, is really what’s being talked about. This is the way to rest your muscles effectively when your body seems to have turned on you.

If you’re feeling too sore to work out, show up, keep the intensity down, stretch the muscles in question, and pump revitalizing blood through the tissue. It’s definitely not the day to max out, but staying home might not be the smart option either.

Help your recover time

Some activities that could help with your muscle soreness:

Get the blood pumping!

Here’s Cat Kom and Bethany talking about how working out when you’re sore can actually help with recovery!

A quick workout if you’re sore, and not sure what kind of workout you should do:

Can the muscle soreness be avoided?

5 tips on avoiding sore muscles:

  • Do you avoid working out when your muscles are sore?
  • What’s your go-to to get through the pain?



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