Food As Reward = BAD!

Don’t Use Food As Reward

I have forever been doing this! Growing up, going out to eat was a huge treat. French Fries and delicious fried appetizers were allowed only at these special occasions.

When I got older, I was going out to eat multiple times a week, but still retaining this thought process about what to order. French fries and Mozzarella Sticks would get ordered every time, because- well it was a special occasion to be out, and that meant indulging in the BAD food. Except, it wasn’t a special occasion anymore. It was normal eating.

When my sisters and I have a movie night, we gather more junk food than a battalion should eat in one sitting. Why do we do this? It’s a special occasion and that means gluttony! Not sure why, but this is how it works in our brains.

At the end of a diet period, or when I would be close to my goal weight, I would celebrate by over-eating those foods I deprived myself of through the eating habit change. No wonder I could never make my diet my LIFESTYLE. My lifestyle wouldn’t allow it. I was simply biding my time until I could have my next brownie sundae fix, and bag jalapeño kettle chips.

Final fix

In a pointed attempt to change my attitude about food, I set a new reward for myself at the onset of my current 21 Day Fix Challenge (I have 2 more days! I CRUSHED it! AND did doubles this last week)! Instead of food, I’m allowing an indulgence to my love of skin art (super helpful that my boyfriend is a tattoo artist). I’m pretty decided on this:



I really do mean to make this better/healither eating thing an actual thing. I’m confident this mental adjustment is about to catapult me into levels of advancement I haven’t seen in a decade!

  • What do you reward yourself with?
  • Need a Challenge Group to get you motivated? Check this out



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