FitBit Fashionize

How you feel can be manipulated as easily as anything else. Jewelry was the first mood/self-confidence hack I discovered (completely by accident too. I am NOT one to accessorize. I never even owned a belt as it was too much extra to deal with. I still don’t have my ears pierced). Putting on a necklace, or a glittery bracelet really translated into a stronger posture, and a deeper smile. Like when you get your nails done: you’re hand mannerisms change just a bit (I found this out when I was dragged to a home jewelry party. Just go! More fun than you would ever think, and you really DON’T have to buy).

I’ve become one of those Fitbitters. You know, those people who can’t even walk around their apartment without that thing counting their steps. Are you one of these crazy people too? I find myself taking many more walks than usual, which is completely fine with the dog…

As fun as this new psychosis is, when it’s time to go out, a nice dinner or meet some friends, I struggle with the desire to have every step counted, versus the desire not to have this black band strapped around my arm that doesn’t match the look I’m going for. I know, first world problems, but apparently I’m more vain than I’d ever have thought (or admitted). Creating our best selves is the goal, right?

Here’s what I’ve come up with to eat cake:

Sure, the FitBit is still visible, but the bracelets become more of a focal point. With the silver bangles, the bracelets can move around more and tend to disguise the black band.

The idea of this is to have a larger that takes the eye in. This bright blue leather band also has it’s bright color to help with that.

I’m a fan of wearing lots of bracelets, though I can only wear them on my off-hand. I’ll typically have rings and bracelets on my left arm, and nothing on my right, especially if I need to use it (like eating, or writing). Working at my computer, I can barely tolerate the FitBit so it’s really only when I’m leaving the house on a leisurely activity that I’ll put energy into accessorizing.

I know this post was a little off from what I usually talk about, but I’d like to touch on all aspects of what can make us feel better, be better, and launch our baby steps towards our best selves ever!

  • How do you blend your FitBit into you style?
  • What’s you favorite accessory (besides your FitBit, of course)?

How are you Fashionizing?

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