Redefining Definitively Defined Definitions of Devaluation

Diet and Weight-loss Redefined

I’m giving up words like diet and weight-loss, and switching them with eating-style and recomposition. Because of negative connotations we feel around these terms, they’ve become misleading, giving us the wrong idea of what we’re really doing, how well we’re doing it, and how we should move forward. Why can’t discovery and adventure be fun? Why can’t what we eat, how we eat it, and why we do those things be fun? Maybe if we weren’t so frustrated about it all the time, we wouldn’t hate it, and we wouldn’t suck so badly at it!

Weight Recomposition:  So many of us are on a “weight-loss” mission, so we stare at the number on the scale everyday, frustrated when it doesn’t go down, and overjoyed when it does. This number has no meaning on it’s on. Your body can eat away it’s own lean mass for fuel if not properly fed, resulting in weight-loss. This IS NOT the loss we want. Gaining lean mass will make the number increase, though this IS what we want (even if you’re goal is simply to lose weight- you DO want this to happen. Don’t believe me- ask me why). NO MORE WEIGHT-LOSS as a goal! We want to recomposition our bodies to less body fat, less circumference, and higher lean mass!

Eating Style: Diet. The word makes us cringe. We’ve all grown up with new fads; new villians, and new miracles every few months. People get ANGRY if you don’t agree with their doctrine. So, no more diets, only eating styles, that can easily change along with the changing happenings in our lives. No more GOOD or BAD foods, only separate styles that allow some and not others in that specific case.

body recomposition Eating Style skeptical

This last one I post because our usual reactions to new philosophies on anything, especially something new that contradicts what we’ve thought about food and food intake, is immediately brushed off as absurd and/or impossible. (Why we’re all experts on nutrition, I’m not sure, especially when close-to-everything about nutrition has been changed, debunked and recalibrated over and over again that even people in nutrition have to be vigilant in keeping up. Apparently the tidbits that come up on our Facebook feeds are enough to give us enough knowledge to debunk new theories as they’re spoken. Sorry- rant over). Especially if you’re in a position where you’ve always struggled with body recalibration, maybe it’s time to admit that everything you’ve ever tried isn’t right for you. This only leaves trying something(s) new to find what YOU need to create the reality out of the dream.

We all want it yesterday- but let’s take a few deep breaths and REALLY BELIEVE that this is impossible, in turn, allowing ourselves to go through the learning curves necessary when visiting anything new or challenging. New eating styles are challenging to figure out and work into our schedules, which in no way should be interpreted as giving up before really giving it a go. It’ll take at least 2 weeks just to learn how to grocery shop around a new style…



How are you Fashionizing?

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