Year END Resolution

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This time of year I’m usually convincing myself I’ll be alright through the holidays; that I won’t over-do it and put on any extra weight- at least not THAT much that it won’t come off easily. Thanksgiving isn’t quite here, so the reality of how powerful the sugar laden food-pull is, is easily pushed off as not-so-bad.


Than the second week in December hits, and all bets are off. Every weekend there’s some Christmas Party, and everyone is bringing yummy treats to every place you go- work, class, etc. It’s unavoidable. At first I pretend to play damage control, but that goes right out the window too quickly.

A Better Place

This year is different. I’m 20 pounds lighter than I was last year. I’ve been working out all year, so it’s become part of a routine I don’t like to miss. This lighter me will be able to combat the peer pressure a bit, because when you feel good, your will-power increases (it does for me anyway). Plus, my metabolism is naturally higher because my lean mass is greater, AND if I do decide to indulge, the actual workouts help burn this off. Definitely a better place than last year! The will-power to say NO, the body chemistry that naturally burns more, AND the schedule to help combat the questionable decisions I may make. I’m definitely in a better place. 

Let’s face it- we need to live a little. This holiday weight fiasco shouldn’t send us completely into stress mode, but neither should we just throw in the towel and succumb to every sugar impulse, especially if that’s already part of your yearly routine (be honest with yourself). 

The holiday festivities are so enjoyable for me BECAUSE I don’t eat like this all the time. I EARN it. Not that I don’t indulge here and there (those of you who know me, know that I’m known to EAT! -but only because I take my days of restraint seriously so all the days balance. I’m often doing doubles to balance my diet decisions. I know. I know. You can’t out-train a bad diet, but I’m getting better).


I told myself for years I’d start getting back into shape. That I would stop eating so much crap. That I could invest 30 minutes a day to improving my life. Years later, tomorrow had still not arrived, so I decided TODAY would be the day. That day, I started a fitness schedule, started tracking what I was eating, changed the way I grocery shopped…

…then I forgot. Time passed. Today came again.

I stopped, again.

Today came back around. This time I lasted a little longer, but I still fell off the wagon.

Life can legitimately get crazy, and I’m not good with maintaining things when my schedule gets all switched around, which seems to happen way too often, but every time TODAY comes back around, it’s easier and easier to find, and we dance just a little bit longer.

2015 progression

In August I moved from FL to NY and my schedule got totally whacked out… then the stress of opening a new business… But I’m back to it and going strong into the most dangerous time of year for weight gain!

Demand Better

You get the picture. This has not been a smooth journey for me. I’m up and down, back and forth, but learning to stop being frustrated by this. Not feeling guilty because of these falls was the biggest thing I learned that helped me REALLY be stronger each time I came back around to TODAY. It’s the first thing I tell people when they engage me in any kind of I need to be better talk regarding food, fitness, health, etc. The guilt needs to be put aside. The stress about yesterdays failures need to be viewed as learning curves for today. The victim mantras that are our excuses need to be seen as such, forgotten, and simple steps that solve the problem need to be executed. There’s no reason that if 60 minutes can’t be put in, than no time should be put in. Some of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done were only 15 minutes. Even with screaming kids running around, a 15 minute workout can be completed (just ask my niece and nephews).

Demand from the people around you that you be allowed to make yourself better. Demand it from yourself. When I’ve mis-calculated my day, so it’s midnight and I still haven’t gotten my workout in, I get my workout in. I’ve found that this doesn’t actually bite into my sleep or rest time, since I’d never go right to bed anyway. Being too tired is not an excuse I allow for missing a workout. 10 minutes in and the movement has woken me up. Being tired should be a reason we work out. Look up the studies that show how non-activity breeds non-activity. Your relaxing time isn’t helping you recover from being un-relaxed.  

Make It Happen

Bottom-line: Make it happen today, whatever it is. Tomorrow will never come. When you forget, like I’ve done over and over, just pick up and continue on when you remember again.


How are you Fashionizing?

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