My Slow-Carb Revitialization

Slowcarb deliciousness!

About 18 months ago, I started my fitness revitalization, starting with Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix, then moving on to TurboFire and P90X3. Things were going so well! I was loving myself on a level I hadn’t remembered feeling before! The fact that I was continuing my journey by following this path and sticking to the schedules I’d set up made me genuinely proud of myself!

We moved back to Central New York from sunny Florida.

The reason we moved took a nose dive and I grew more and more angry which led to a  depression that put me on the coach, with copious amounts of junk-food attempting to fill this hole.

Looking in the mirror one day, I realized that in only 3 months I’d lost all that hard work.

Can anything be more frustrating then this?2015 progression

If you’re sick of starting over, stop quitting.

Thanks, Autumn Calabrese, but knowledge isn’t the same as action (can those two things even be compared that way?).

But it is true, so that’s why it was time to really take a look at what happened over that time, and all the times before when I rolled so quickly down the slope of my successes. It was time to say HEY! Let’s get this under control!

There are strange truths we each hold inside us, and ignoring them to fit some mold, whatever context that mold might be, isn’t helpful for anyone. Even if forcing something is working, I wonder how much energy it’s taking away from the rest of living…

I truth I’ve had to face about myself: Moderation is not my friend.

This kind-of goes against a philosophy I’ve believed most of my life, but in this case, it only sets me up for failure. If I’m allowed a little, I take a lot (in regards to eating). I overeat carbs and sugar, therefore I can’t eat any. On the other hand, I can eat as much as I want of those things I can eat, so I still get to over-indulge, just in a very controlled way. Also, eating like this allows me to manipulate my body chemistry so enjoying a cheat day where I give-in to sugary-gluttony doesn’t sabotage all my hard work.

So many call me crazy, but this works for me, and that’s what we all need to find for ourselves.

Tell me about your journey in the comments below, or email me, Cindy, at:

Want to know more about slow-carbing? I learned all I know from trying, doing, and reading Tim Ferriss’s Four Hour Body. Follow me here, or on Instagram and Pinterest to follow my journey 🙂


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