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Interpreting Information

Paying attention is huge. In everything we do, if we’re not paying attention we’re missing things, hurting others (unknowingly), forgetting where our keys are, over-eating, under-eating, driving too fast, too slow, cutting people off… on and on.

When I’m paying attention, I’m getting it done.

I’ve been slow-carbing again for 4 weeks now, and doing GrEaT! My emotional brain has gotten into sync with my logic brain so there hasn’t been any dreaming of cookies (well, once), or envious vision of what everyone around me is eating. Attempting to eat in other fashions over the last 2 years has shown me this is the only thing that works for me on any consistent level.

Interpreting Information can be rough though. I’m currently in a weight-loss phase, so I do daily weigh-ins to make sure I’m not eating things that are throwing me off (originally, I was checking my blood sugar throughout the day, as well, but I can’t seem to locate my monitor. Apparently, I wasn’t paying attention). I’m up from yesterday. Weight and body fat (147.5 -> 148.6 & 27.9% -> 28.3%). Instead of totally freaking out like I might have done a year ago, I’m trying to examine the factors, and interpret the information rationally.

Factor One: I ate something new & different

Last week, I decided I was going to try incorporating vegan-style-eating patterns into my world, and yesterday was the first day I attempted to replace a typical non-vegan plate, with a vegan one by replacing my morning omelet with a recipe I found for a chickpea flour omelet.

So, I made this chickpea omelet with almond flour, because that’s what I had. Very yum. I had no problem eating what ended up a scramble rather then an omelet since I couldn’t seem to “flip” the omelet (I can barely flip an egg omelet, and the consistency of the “flour” made this skill even more difficult).

Factor Two: I’m sore

I completed Day 2 of 22 Minute Hard Corps. Great quick, no-nonsense workout, and since I’ve been away from any workout routine for a few weeks, I’m feeling some tightness in the muscles. Love that feeling.

BUT- that feeling often means water retention in the muscles, a good thing for recovery, but annoying when you’re only looking at the number on the scale (which is why this should NEVER be the ONLY factor we’re worried about! It’s so misleading at times). This is common when I’m sore that I’ll “gain” some weight.

Factor Three: Added Shake

Shakeology is one of my favorite things (and there’s a VEGAN formula!) but there is some sugar in it. When I was eating to simply try and stay under 10-15 grams of sugar a day, and not worried about overall carbs, I had it every day, but when I slow-carb theres just a tiny-bit too much that it spikes my sugar levels.

On Day 1 of my workout, I had half a serving, with a half serving of Collegan Protein post-workout (your muscles are primed to eat sugar just after a workout that has engaged the muscles, as the muscle needs to re-fuel. Essentially, this sugar intake equals zero b/c the sugar is going right to the muscles). Lost 1.5 pounds. Yesterday, Day 2, same thing, but todays weight gain.

Factor Four: Not Eating Right Away

Last summer, I experimented with fasting, and I’d had good results, but for some reason I haven’t been able to nail it down this time. Our schedules are crazier, so I just stopped trying and went back to eating within an hour of waking up. I noticed HUGE differences on the days I didn’t get around to eating for a couple of hours, like what happened yesterday. I think I was at exactly 2 hours once I was finally sitting down to eat.

Interpreting Information

Four factors, all which could have wacked-out my internal chemistry. Because the added shake didn’t hurt me the day prior, I’m going to say that wasn’t it. 2 of the 3 left have been known to push me out of my zone in the past, so today I assumed it wasn’t the new omelet choice, so I tried that again (still yummy). My morning routine wasn’t skewed so I was able to eat right away, alleviating any issue there.

Hopefully tomorrow will tell. I’m forcing my brain to relax from the other factors it might be that I think (I wasn’t paying close enough attention) I maintained such as: drinking enough water & eating enough (yes, not eating enough has slooowed my weight-loss).


It’s important that we’re monitoring what we’re doing, if we really expect to hit goals, and more importantly, master the skills that will take us there. There will always be hiccups, but not freaking out (I’ve done it. You’ve done it. We’ve all made some irrational reaction to some adverse change, like gaining weight when we SWEAR we’re doing everything right. PS: we probably weren’t doing EVERYTHING right) and instead taking a look at what was going on, can play a key role in the continuation of a good thing we’re doing for ourselves (Ladies: you can gain up to TEN POUNDS of water weight TEN DAYS before and then during your cycle. Just don’t weight yourself over these days if this happens to you).

It takes time to figure these things out. Sure, I may “lose” a couple days here trying to incorporate a new eating-style with the one I’m on, but it’s important enough to me to figure it out, that that “lost” time really won’t matter in the long run. Let’s take a breath and remember nothing worth anything happens over night.


How do you monitor yourself, and keep yourself from jumping off the deep end when something isn’t adding up?



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