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Week Recap

Slow and steady. That’s what I told myself about this time, and so far, it’s working out…

While mostly a recap of last week, I feel the previous month needs to be talked about, as it was a fantastic pre-load for last weeks real “back to the grind,” though I don’t really think of it like that. It’s not a grind, but I couldn’t think of another way to explain…

The Pre-Load

In August, I started Shift Shop, a three-week strength and agility workout to get me back in the habit of daily workouts. Usually, I don’t follow the eating plans given, especially in the first couple of weeks, where I just continue on with normal eating, while allowing the workouts to wreak havoc on my muscles without the dual responsibility of changes everything about my daily life.

This time, I started week one with Intermittent Fasting, continuing my same eating habits, which really aren’t that great, but there were no junk-food binges, so that was progress. I followed a 14-10 fast for 2 days then went to 16-8 and finally 18-6. Really, it’s this fasting protocol that I attribute last weeks ultra-success to. You learn how to be hungry when fasting, which must sound absurd, but it’s a real thing, at least for me. Before, I would literally panic about when the next time I could eat was. I would get hangry, ruining both my time and my boyfriend’s who was forced to deal with me.

My obsession with eating ruled my day, but learning how to be, handle, and finally ignore hunger, my life is changed! Fasting taught me how to be hungry, that it wasn’t going to kill me. I can now relax, knowing that I’ll eat when I eat, and it’s not that big of a deal.

On week 2 and 3, I followed the meal plan given with the workout, EXACTLY as it was written, but incorporated with IF. I even did a few days in a row where my eating window was only an hour or two. I tend to binge eat, and this allowed me to do that, without going over my food limits for the day. Is it weird that I thought it was fun to eat everything at once?

Is it weird that I thought it was fun to eat everything at once?

Check out my week 1 to week 2 results:
Week 1 – Week 2 Shift Shop August 2017

Bumps in the Road

I actually skipped the last two days of Shift Shop. As hurricane Irma was bearing down on us, we ended up moving from Western Florida for North-Eastern Florida, where I was converted into a ten-day coach potato. It hadn’t been the plan, but for some reason, the threat of power outages and nasty weather kept me cozy on the coach. I did read twelve books…

Last Week

Back to real life, I was annoyed with myself for indulging in the previous week and a half, as much of the weight I’d lost had returned. It was time to choose the next round.

A three-week protocol was too short for this re-re-reboot. A couple of summers ago, I’d had great results with TurboFire and P90X3 paralleled with the Slow-Carb diet that I always seem to end up back to. Slow-Carbing just really works for me, and my best results over the years have been when following this style of eating.

So, TurboFire and Slow-Carbing it was! Day one and two of my workouts were a little hard, though not nearly as rough as the first time I’d started the program when I was literally swearing at the t.v. in the last fifteen minutes because there was a possibility my heart would explode, and my limbs had stopped their ability to be lifted.

Days five and six were fantastic! The progress in such a little time was over the top! (I wonder how much of the slow-carbing attributed to this. Erasing the sugar naturally improves muscle-mass, but I don’t know how it affects endurance, so maybe there was some dual progress going on)?

Empirical Results

Being in a new place, my scale is not accessible, so weight has not been monitored. Instead, I’ve used body measurements. I also took a beginning body-fat with a handheld monitor, but that has also been packed away (Yeah, yeah. I’m a mess 😉 ).

I lost 8 inches in one week!!

Eight (8) inches I lost in this first week! Super exciting to see that number. I did the math three times because I didn’t believe it! Talk about a motivating first week to keep me going into week two!

Week two’s schedule

Monday:    Low HIIT 20

Tuesday:    Fire 40

Wednesday:    REST

Thursday:    Low HIIT 20

Friday:    Fire Starter

Saturday:    Fire Starter and Cheat Day (#FatSaturday)

Sunday:     Fire Starter

What’s your story?

  • Tell me your story! I love to be inspired! Or tell me your mishaps and learning curves so we can share in a chuckle, or two 🙂




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