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From slow-carb to IIFYM

I know, I know, I’ve been raving about slow-carbing and how it’s the primo eating style for me. It was. It still kind of is, actually, but I was struggling to eat enough food. Sounds counter-intuitive, right? Aren’t I supposed to be trying to eat less food if I’m trying to lose weight? Well, no. I mean, yes, but no…

…Yeah, so many of these conversations go like this for me…

Obviously, I need to eat less than I was when I re-gained this weight, though I think it should be thought of more as I need to eat less of what I was eating, rather than thinking of it as a straight time to eat less. How psychologically disruptive is the idea of dieting? It’s stressful to go on a diet, a word I’ve basically stripped from my vocabulary. Now, I just (attempt) to change my eating style. Sure, semantics, but words have power 😉

Two weeks of slow-carbing had me down over nine inches. Not too shabby, but that second week had me really struggling with getting the right foods into my stomach, and I know my progress was severely hampered. Knowing I was going into 5 weeks of traveling which would only increase the level of difficulty to maintain this style of eating, I figured I had to switch gears.

My last two weeks of Shift Shop a month or so ago, I followed an intermittent fasting protocol, while following the meal plan BeachBody laid out with this workout.I had fantastic results.

Honestly, I hate having to think about what I need to eat. Give me a list, and I’m good. I will eat the same things over and over and over, I don’t care, as long as I don’t have to make my own decisions about what and how much. I waste enough decision-making points all day on stupid shit, but I’ve just never been good at the menu planning thing (probably why I have a penchant for bingeing on Doritos and McDonald’s).

Anyway, I figured, if I’m struggling with slow-carb, let’s switch back to what was working, and what was working over a convention weekend where I was out of the house for four days. This is the biggest test of how well a style is really working. Change up your routine. Did you stick to it? Then it’s perfect 🙂

Here I am on day four of this switch to Intermittent Fasting and IIFYM (If it fits your macros). I totally love not eating all day (I’m doing 20-hour fasts with 4-hour eating windows) followed by eating all my food in two sittings. I was never a breakfast eater, and the few extra hours to wait isn’t that big of a deal.

I have struggled, again, to get in all the food I was due, though this time I’m eating carbs so feeling full, rather than just not being sure what to eat so skipping it (yes, that’s literally what I did last week. Me, skip eating?! Sounds unlikely, but that’s what was happening. Apparently I’ve gotten good at being hungry).

Now, my questions are:

  1. is what I think I should be eating is too much (1688 calories for weight loss. 2250 for maintenance). I’ve gotten to 1400 and today at 1250-ish I was super full, forcing food into my face at the last minute)
  2. do I really need that much protein?

On the protein issue, I really don’t think so. 1 gram per pound? While in training school we were told .8 per kg of body weight, more if following a killer strength training regiment. A kg is less than half a pound (2.2 kg = 1IB), so where did this gram per pound come from? Not to mention the closest I’ve gotten in four days is 30 grams away.

I did an under 20% day one day, which was weird, but I read it helps the body clear out gunk (4-hour body reference). After today, I think I’m going to come way back down on my protein and up my fat (Protein from 150 to 80-ish). I’ll see how that goes, though I do feel good just from what I’ve done this week. Maybe the daily switch-a-roo is a real thing that I’ve just been doing accidentally. We’ll just have to see how things go… and that’s the part that so many don’t deal with. If it’s not working, figure it out. Play with the numbers. Find out how it can work.

  • What are your results with tracking macros?
  • What’s your experience with Intermittent Fasting?

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