Cindy's Journey

Back To It

I know. It’s too long between posts.

I know. My consistency is for shit.

But, I keep thinking one day it’ll stick, so here I am 🙂

A Week of Vegan

Last week was eating-style experiment #3211: Vegan. I’d been thinking about trying this style for quite some time and I finally did. My life partner, Jason, who’s the cook in the house decided it was time for him to try something different, so that was really the deciding factor.

We had no trouble sticking with it. Lots of beans and masa (check my IG @mpotentialite for food pics). I think because I usually eat some version of low-carb, it was fantastic for me. I was never hungry, but my stomach started to bother me the last few days. Gas maybe? The masa? All the sugar?

Anyone have tips or comments about Vegan eating?

Back to What Works

As much I want it to not be true, I do really well without the carbs. It’s hard, mostly because I live with someone who just won’t restrict. Some moral code about not “suffering.” I mostly can’t argue. I remember quitting smoking. It took me like three years to really commit and do it. I think sugar is worse. Worse because we don’t really believe we’re addicted to it. Worse because it’s so easily available. Worse case, if you’re like me at all, food is a form of socialization. Food is the thing you do when you’re ready to relax or meet old friends.

This last time I went slow-carb, I wasn’t eating enough though so I am worried. What a problem to have, huh? I guess I’ll just have to eat more! Time to get me in the kitchen and stop being lazy in that department. Though, I’m easing into it this time. Shift Shop has a meal plan that drops carbs every week for the three weeks, so on week 3 I’ll be in slow-carb  mode. The plan is to simply go with it after that.


around us
Not sure where this is from- anyone?



It’s been about 8 weeks since I was on a consistent fitness regime too. Why do I do that to myself? One day back in it, and I feel a million times better. Why do I stop when I know this is such a major contributor to not being a pissy sloth?

Yesterday was day one and I literally laid in bed for over an hour trying to convince myself to do this workout. The workout was twenty-five minutes, mind you. It’s taken me longer to write this post than that workout was. Why do we let these blocks dictate our lives? How can we so easily be controlled by doing things we know make us feel worse. So strange, human behavior….

Shift Shop

I do home workouts. We travel a lot and are typically work-from-homers, so it just makes sense for my life. As of this post, it’s Day 2 of Shift Shop, a program I completed a couple of months ago, and really enjoyed 🙂

I’ve also managed to get a few yoga sessions in, something I love for the mind-building of it. Do you get what I mean by that? is fantastic, but I also have a few others I enjoy.

Interested in home workouts? Click here


Who is Cindy? Click here, or there.



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