Upgrade Your Slim Down Results!


That’s exactly what we plan on learning! …but remember, it takes 21 days to form a new habit, so think about what you want this 7 days to really do for you. Make it your kick-start to fashioning your best self
…that’s what Fashionizing is all about! I hope that’s why you’re here.

Since this is round two (maybe three or four), it might be time for a higher level of commitment. Here are some ways to upgrade your Slim Down experience:


Basic Upgrade


With a free 30 day trial, you’ll get all the meal planning you can stomach- AND MORE! Streaming workouts of some of the best programs to ever hit the market (including P90X and TurboFire), a 10% discount on all things BeachBody, and, best of all, an entire community to keep you accountable. Did I mention this tool is only $3 a week?!


Super Upgrade


Shakeology is your healthiest meal of the day! Check out all those fruits and veggies you get in just one serving! Talk about simplifying your healthy eating habits! This is a HUGE helper in getting you to your health, fitness, and dieting goals.


Super-Duper Upgrade

Turn your 7-Day Slim Down into a 10 day Fat Blaster!

Start with the 3 Day refresh to really knock-out your food cravings, and shed some pounds, before getting into your new healthy eating habits. Check out my IG feed for my results from this great tool! 


Super-Secret Double Upgrade


Fitness + Nutrition + Support + Rewards = Success

That’s the philosophy, and I’ve seen it work over and over and over and over and over… it could work for you too!

Pick your workout. Pick your Flavor. Track your results. Be eligible to earn cash prizes
(and a free t-shirt for every program you complete)
Make it an ULTIMATE pack by adding 3-day refresh. You’ll really be Fashionizing then!

Take a look!

How are you Fashionizing?

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