5 Steps to Get Yourself Fashionizing


That’s great- so, how do we do that exactly?


Here’s 5 steps that will get you on the right path

Step 1: Figuring out what you really, really, really want

Firstly, what do you really want. Like, really, really, in your deepest dreams, what is it you hope for? Are you 200 pounds overweight and want to be a bikini model? We can get you there! Are you homeless, and dream to live in a 5 million dollar home? Nothing is impossible! Nothing is out of reach! No matter what your dreams are, we need to extract them from your brain, and fashion them into goals.


Did you know that only 3% of adults of have clear, written goals and have a plan to achieve them? The 3% accomplish 10 times more than the person who have no goals at all. Would you like to be among the 3%? -chalene johnson

let’s start the doing

Take out some paper, or a fresh doc page on your computer, or phone screen.  Write down those dreams of yours, no matter how far-reaching they may seem. Close your eyes, envision your most amazing life! Now, write down what you see. Write down how you feel.

Struggling? That’s okay- watch this and follow along. Have fun with it!

 Step 2: prioritize

Now, we’re going to prioritize those goals- that’s right, your dreams just become GOALS! Be excited! Feel proud of yourself! It’s saddening to me how many people never get this far. This simple-sounding task of STEP 1 is just too much for so many to dig into. Your FASHIONIZING skills are already leagues beyond these others!

be proud of yourself

Look over these dreams-made-goals. Which ones jump out at you as being more important than the others; more inticing? My fitness is always #1 on my lists, because, if I feel great (which fitness does for me) than any other thing I need/want to do seems easy. If I’ve slacked in my fitness, not a whole lot else is getting done. I do a lot of napping when this priority is being ignored. I do a lot of being mad at myself that I’m such a lazy slug…

  • What do you have that’s like this? Some people can’t do anything until all the laundry is done. What’s your thing? What keeps you distracted into non-productivity day after day? Let me know in the comment section below…

Now, rewrite these goals in the present tense, in order of priority. My fitness goal would say something like this:

I have reached 18% body fat by May 1st, 2015, and am maintaining it with little effort.

Do you want to have $1,000,000 in the bank? Great! Write it out something  like this:

I have $1,000,000 in my savings account in January 2020, and am increasing my net-worth daily.

Do this to all of your dreams-made-goals, writing them in the present tense (this is VERY important)! Now, they truly are GOALS! (don’t worry about timelines. Use your best guess. We’ll work out this part in later steps).

Step 3: Brainstorm tasks

Are there things on your list that overlap? Maybe you want $1,000,000 in the bank, but you’re currently unemployed. Creating a business for yourself would become a goal that needs to be achieved before you can reach your million dollar goal.(I’m going start referring to this top goal as our ULTIMATE).

What will it take to create your own business? Brainstorm your goals into steps; smaller tasks that, when completed, will naturally lead us to our ULTIMATE.

This video will help walk you through this:

Step 4: research

Researching what it will take to bring you to your ULTIMATE is important. In Step 3, we mapped out steps to take. Let’s figure out HOW to take those steps Need to lose 200 pounds, but have never been to the gym? You’ll need to look into whether you can reach your goal without a gym, or maybe you need to hire a personal trainer. Are there trainers in your area who will travel to you, instead of you meeting them at a gym? Do home workout series’ exist that will get you where you want to be? How did other people reach a similar goal?

Don’t flounder along blindly. Figure it out! Information is literally at our finger tips. Ask google anything. Ask wiki! These tools will help lead you towards answers, and more importantly, better questions.

How to set a realistic fitness goal:

Step 5: Icing to ensure success

Don’t skimp on the details! A cake without the icing just isn’t a cake worth eating!

Add emotional value to every stage! This helps our brains truly dig-in, so on those days we convince ourselves we’re too tired to do it, our WHY will make us show up anyway. Emotions force our subconscious to listen up, take it seriously, and make it happen! (Read Think and Grow Rich, or The Silva Mind Control Method).

Also, take some time to think about WHO will help you, or who you can bring with you on your journey! Workout buddies definitely lend more value to workouts than going it alone. Independent Coaches in my main business are 43% more likely to earn 6+ figures when their partner joins them in the endeavor.

Remember: path-success
Food for thought:

overview of everything we went over:

  • Did you actually DO any of this?
  • Did you read to the end, or jump to the end?
  • Did you find any of this helpful?
  • How do you task out your steps that will lead you towards your ULTIMATE?

How are you Fashionizing?

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