5 Tips to Beat Air Travel Bloat

Air Travel Adding Inches to Your Waistline? 5 Tips to Beat the Bloat By Kirby Bumpus, MPH September 28, 2017 I travel a fair amount and sometimes I’d arrive at my destination feeling and looking a bit bigger than I did before leaving home, which left me wondering: What happened to make me feel like… Continue reading 5 Tips to Beat Air Travel Bloat

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Interpreting Information

Paying attention is huge. In everything we do, if we're not paying attention we're missing things, hurting others (unknowingly), forgetting where our keys are, over-eating, under-eating, driving too fast, too slow, cutting people off... on and on. When I'm paying attention, I'm getting it done. I've been slow-carbing again for 4 weeks now, and doing… Continue reading Interpreting Information


Ask the Expert: What Are Probiotics and Why Do You Need Them?

The short answer: Your gut is filled with bacteria, good and bad. Good bacteria aids digestion, boosts immunity, and combats a number of gut-related illnesses. Emerging research shows it may also impact weight loss and influence mood. Bad bacteria hampers good bacteria and can make you sick in an assortment of ways, oftentimes involving repeated… Continue reading Ask the Expert: What Are Probiotics and Why Do You Need Them?

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Is Our Food Becoming Less Nutritious?

--Reposted From NYR Natural News-- It’s a sad fact that the nutritional quality of our food is declining. The main reason for this is the depletion of essential minerals in our soil. Modern intensive agricultural methods have left our soil mineral poor and this, in turn, impacts the food we grows and eat. This is… Continue reading Is Our Food Becoming Less Nutritious?

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Two Weeks to Better Health?

--Reposted from NYR Natural News-- We hear it all the time – we are what we eat. But two recent studies have brought home just how true that is – and how quickly we can change our lives if we change our diets. In the first study Coop, Sweden’s largest grocery store cooperative, commissioned the Swedish Environmental Research… Continue reading Two Weeks to Better Health?