Cindy’s Journal

Current Goals:

  • weight 137; though I was happy at 142 🙂
  • increase endurance- to improve hiking distances and elevations
  • increase flexibility- Yoga
  • Daily Meditation Practice (20-30 minutes)
What you’ll find below:

Cindy’s Fitness & Food Journey

To say I’ve been inconsistent, up-and-down-and sideways, is putting it mildly. I have many “reasons,” i.e. excuses, (which I will refrain from embarrassing myself by noting here) but I always find myself back to it, figuring one of these times it’ll stick and I’ll remember how much better I feel when I’m in July of 2015.

If you happen to peruse through the last few years of posts, you’ll see I’m basically in the exact same position I was in when I started this blog. Self-proclaimed Sugar addicted Fitness Junkie, there’s really so much time between fitness, that it’s kind-of overstated. I think I started using the term when my boyfriend told me I’m a huge bitch when I’m not working out (you’d think that would be good enough reason for him to get me on the fitness floor, but I guess that’s just projected blame) 😉

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Going through these pictures was a slap to my face. So much time has passed! More time in chunk mode, than in doing it mode. I pretty much suck lol And, I haven’t chronicled as well as I thought I was doing. Out of sight, out of mind is a real thing. Time to post these pics on the physical wall where I’ll be forced to look all the time. Instant accountability, yes? Let’s try it…

Screenshot 2017-09-21 15.17.14
Last 12 months rollercoaster


Current Actionable Actions

  • Slow-carb eating style- restarted September 18th, 2017
  • TurboFire- started September 18th, 2017

Most recent finished actionables

  • Shift Shop- August 14th – August 31st

    Week 1 – Week 2 Shift Shop August 2017
  • Intermittent Fasting: August – September 20th
  • Shift Shop Eating plan: 2 weeks of August

Posts that chronicle my Journey

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