Get Clean!

Health isn’t all about food and fitness- it’s about the toxicity of our lives as well…

60% of what goes on our skin is directly absorbed, with no filter like our digestive tract has. At least when we’re eating not-so-healthy foods, our liver is there to filter it. When things go on our skin, there’s no liver to protect us. Everything goes right to our bloodstream.


Let’s Not Make Ourselves Crazy

It can get maddening trying to sift through ingredient labels, and remember what’s-what. Little changes over time is how I’ve managed to learn and grow without becoming angry, bitter, and most especially, without having to carry my soapbox around with me. That’s the worst, isn’t it: the righteousness some can be wrapped up in because of their more “holistic” decision making. Let’s not make it about keeping score, but about improving our lives…


First Steps

Decide on one or two things you’re going to change, and go with that until it’s second nature. My first step was to cut out deodorants with aluminum. I started using Lemongrass’ Lavender Stick Deodorant (my sister is a rep, so that was a no brainer). At the same time, I switched my facial skin care to a highly reputable organic product line. After learning how many chemicals are used in all skin and beauty products, my peace of mind is vastly improved from these couple of switches.

Now, I’m adding a few new steps. I just made my first batch of homemade sunscreen, and switched to the simplest shampoo found anywhere! (stay tuned for more on this- or comment below to ask) 🙂

You’re first steps don’t have to follow my own, but I always find it easier to jump into something new when I can follow some steps.

Fitness isn’t for everyone

I realize fitness isn’t the path to everyone’s most Fashioned self- it just happens to be my step 1. Maybe getting cleaner with less-toxic household, beauty, and skin care products are your first step…


Copy this picture for your own reference!

Our bodies are pretty good at cleaning and purging itself, but there is a point of overload, so every little bit we can do to help ease the stress we put on it can make a big difference.

  • How do you ease your bodies burden of stress?

How are you Fashionizing?

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