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About Cindy (ME!)

Fit N Fashionize is my world of BEING BETTER. #bebetter WP_20140612_010

Why Fit AND Fashionize? Why not just Fitisizing? (It could be a word). Or just Fashionizing?

Well- my fitness always leads directly to my Fashionizing. If I’m feeling chubby, or lethargic, I’m not getting anything done. If I’m feeling sad, discontent, or indifferent, I’m REALLY not getting anything done!

But, when I’m feeling FIT (exercise helps build “happy chemicals” in the brain), I’m ready to get out there, and make things happen! I’m wearing clothes that make me look (and feel!) great! I’m accessorizing! I’ve got great hair! My house is organized! My desk is organized! My life is running so smoothly, there’s only room for outstanding things to enter my world! Fitness keeps me happy and motivated!

Part of my personal #FASHIONZING is to maintain control over my schedule. TIME FREEDOM is my #1 priority. To do that, I became a Coach with BeachBody. I’m already a personal trainer, with tendancies to work out from home, so this fit was perfect!

To further fashion myself better, I began looking into environmental toxins that are linked to sicknesses in our lives. That’s when I found NYR (Neal’s Yard Remedies), a certified organic skin care company whose been doing organic before it was cool to do organic. It’s so gross what we put into our bodies without even knowing it! (Did you know 60% of everything you put on your skin is absorbed? At least when we eat something, our liver is there to filter. Our skin has no liver).

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