Start Your Fitness Journey


Start Your Fitness Journey

I never manage to get to the gym. I love the gym. I love weight training. I love how great I feel when I leave, muscles tired, feeling acomplished. Still, I just never GET there. I am a homebody, and leaving the house seems like such a chore…

So- when I found BeachBody, I was instantly a fan. Home-workouts! That produce results! Yes, please!!

Even people who get to the gym often don’t follow a very well planned workout regiment. The haphazard systems won’t deliver as effectively. I was a personal trainer, working in gyms, and I saw this all the time. I knew how to write my own workouts, but never seemed to follow them as well as when someone else gave me one (strange human nature). BeachBody has workouts you can follow along at the gym. BodyBeast and P90X are only a couple of great weight training programs that are difficult to do at home if you don’t already have a great variety of weights in your home gym. Bringing the workout to the gym means you can do everything Sergi and Tony demand 🙂 Stream right from your phone.

Home-workouts are a great supplement when you can’t get to the gym, or want to add a little extra as well. There are so many reasons this service is FaNtAsTiC!

You can get 2-weeks of streaming FREE! so you don’t have to take my word for it. Check it out for yourself 🙂

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