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I know. It's too long between posts. I know. My consistency is for shit. But, I keep thinking one day it'll stick, so here I am 🙂 A Week of Vegan Last week was eating-style experiment #3211: Vegan. I'd been thinking about trying this style for quite some time and I finally did. My life… Continue reading Back To It


5 Tips to Beat Air Travel Bloat

Air Travel Adding Inches to Your Waistline? 5 Tips to Beat the Bloat By Kirby Bumpus, MPH September 28, 2017 I travel a fair amount and sometimes I’d arrive at my destination feeling and looking a bit bigger than I did before leaving home, which left me wondering: What happened to make me feel like… Continue reading 5 Tips to Beat Air Travel Bloat


Get Motivated and Stay There

I recently completed Shift Shop, a 3 week BeachBody home-workout program, so thought it fitting to post this article about how to get, and stay, motivated from the creator of Shift Shop himself. Enjoy! 11 Shift Shop Rules Chris Downing Shares How to Get Motivated and Stay There *re-posted from the BeachBody Blog by Sharon… Continue reading Get Motivated and Stay There


10 Reasons Why You Hate Working Out

September 19, 2017 | BY: Mackenzie Lobby Havey **Originally posted on the BeachBody Blog** It’s difficult to start an exercise program, much less stick with it long term. Between busy work weeks, happy hours, and a general lack of exercise motivation, it’s easy to find reasons to skip a workout…but that can lead to a vicious… Continue reading 10 Reasons Why You Hate Working Out

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“Keep Trying” is more than a cliche

Just keep swimming I realize everyone is a diet and fitness expert, but even so, there are people who KNOW things, versus people who know things. Politely take into consideration the latter, but seek out the former... Do some research. Revisit your plan- are you actually following it, or simply picking and choosing the most… Continue reading “Keep Trying” is more than a cliche