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Interpreting Information

Paying attention is huge. In everything we do, if we’re not paying attention we’re missing things, hurting others (unknowingly), forgetting where our keys are, over-eating, under-eating, driving too fast, too slow, cutting people off… on and on.

When I’m paying attention, I’m getting it done.

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Who Knew: A (New) Food Story

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a slow-carber. Six days of very low carbohydrate intake, with one day to binge on anything, and everything, I can think of (If this seems a mystery, check out my post where I discuss this in  more detail).

These six days of strict eating can get booooring. So many eggs. So much chili. Beans at every meal… but I’m getting good at baked-spaghetti-squash-garlic-butter-4564knowing what to eat, and to spice it up a bit (turmeric and cumin have become super friends).

My newest diamond in the rough is SPAGHETTI SQUASH. Never in a million years would I have even looked – well, I never really looked at it to think about what I thought it looked like. If I had, I wouldn’t have given it a second glance. I don’t even know what to do with regular squash, so a spaghetti squash? What does that even mean?

It means deliciousness! Our first spaghetti squash purchase was a little overwhelming, as the two-ish pound vegetable came to over $6. We were regretting our decision a bit. Then we cooked it up, and realized that 2.5Ibs. = 10+ servings. Money well spent, we decided, especially after we ate it. The flavor was excitingly sweet, reminding me of a plantain. It’s one of our new staples.

baked-spaghetti-squash-garlic-butter-4575In a hurry for lunch, I sautéed some mushrooms in a dash of ghee, followed by some chicken (pre-cooked and refrigerated for easy cooking like this), added a few drops of sesame oil, followed by tossing in the SS with some soy sauce, and minutes later, I had a delicious, slow-carb lunch (the SS was also pre-cooked and refrigerated).

I am not a cooker. Until recently, when I was hungry, I went to a place that served food. If not for having someone who does like to cook in the house with me, I’d be eating beans from a can all week (if my finances didn’t allow restaurant eating). Thanks to his teachings -that making tasty food can be super easy- I’m branching further out of my comfort zone in the kitchen, finding it easier and easier to stick to this eating plan that works so well for me!


cooked and waiting for more fast-lunch fantasticness!


Tossed as explained above. Super Yum!

  • Have a favorite Spaghetti Squash recipe?
  • Ever tried it before?

Why I Slow-carb

We all know there’s an epidemic. There’s more than enough commentary on the growing obesity problem, which influences other trends such as diabetes, heart disease, blah blah… While I’ve never been obese, I’ve definitely stretched myself to the farthest millimeter before fat.

I love food! I especially love garbage food that I know shouldn’t even be classified as food; much that is banned in other countries; all that have no nutritional value whats-so-ever. I know it, but I still can’t stop!

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