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From slow-carb to IIFYM

I know, I know, I've been raving about slow-carbing and how it's the primo eating style for me. It was. It still kind of is, actually, but I was struggling to eat enough food. Sounds counter-intuitive, right? Aren't I supposed to be trying to eat less food if I'm trying to lose weight? Well, no.… Continue reading From slow-carb to IIFYM

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Week Recap

Slow and steady. That's what I told myself about this time, and so far, it's working out... While mostly a recap of last week, I feel the previous month needs to be talked about, as it was a fantastic pre-load for last weeks real "back to the grind," though I don't really think of it… Continue reading Week Recap

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Interpreting Information

Paying attention is huge. In everything we do, if we're not paying attention we're missing things, hurting others (unknowingly), forgetting where our keys are, over-eating, under-eating, driving too fast, too slow, cutting people off... on and on. When I'm paying attention, I'm getting it done. I've been slow-carbing again for 4 weeks now, and doing… Continue reading Interpreting Information


Who Knew: A (New) Food Story

As I've mentioned, I'm a slow-carber. Six days of very low carbohydrate intake, with one day to binge on anything, and everything, I can think of (If this seems a mystery, check out my post where I discuss this in  more detail). These six days of strict eating can get booooring. So many eggs. So… Continue reading Who Knew: A (New) Food Story

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Why I Slow-carb

We all know there's an epidemic. There's more than enough commentary on the growing obesity problem, which influences other trends such as diabetes, heart disease, blah blah... While I've never been obese, I've definitely stretched myself to the farthest millimeter before fat. I love food! I especially love garbage food that I know shouldn't even be classified… Continue reading Why I Slow-carb